Another dope outing into the wilderness and great beyond.  This time our adventures brought us to Mt. Rainier National Park.  We planned our play day at the Paradise section of the park, where there was plenty of snow to do whatever our hearts could desire with. The boys took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to hike up the mountain and do some boy scout tubing, and they had a great time doing it. The adults enjoyed a balmy temperature that made the snow somewhat bearable.

The troop had originally planned for our Snow Day 2017 to be a precursor to our first ever snow Mount Rainier snow-caving attempt.  We will save that until next year.  We need our adult leaders to get some more experience, as well as our youth feeling more comfortable outside.  We decided to instead, still head up to Mount Rainier, but only for the day to do some tubing and plowing of our own paths!

At the end of the day we explored the visitors center and loaded up on some much needed calories with pizza from the visitor's center cafe.  All in the day of the life of a Scout in Troop 008.