This past Sunday, June 11th, with the beautiful backdrop of Rainier Beach's Beer Sheva park serving as a landscape for such a momentous ceremony, our boys attended their 2nd Court of Honor of the year. It was an inspiring day with the boys earning their Scout and Tenderfoot ranks.  Everyone was looking sharp and they were excited for their new awards. They were then treated by having Garfield High graduate, Commissioner for Washington State Commission on African American Affairs, and Tukwila City Councilmember, De'Seann Quinn give a fantastic speech telling the boys about how special they were and encouraging them to stay the course on the path to Eagle. A very special shootout to CM Quinn.

The troop continues to grow with more youth, and now, a new leader.  We officially welcomed new Assistant Scoutmaster Brandon Heresy, an Eagle Scout, to Troop 008. 

We were also lucky to have a professional photographer in attendance, who took some fantastic shots of the families after they had won their awards.