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Summer Camp 2018 - Camp Pigott

Summer Camp 2018 - Camp Pigott

Summer camp 2018 was the culmination of a year of hard work, training and planning.  What a year 2017-2018 was.  Tears were shed, accomplishments were achieved and at the end of the camp week we earned the biggest award to date for Troop 008, the much sought after Honor Troop award.

We earned this distinction by performing a number of tasks that reflected the Scout Law, we ensured we were trustworthy, loyal, helpful, etc., and in the end the Camp staff determined we had achieved Honor Troop status.   The Scouts earned this award.  They over-perfomed in everyday imaginable. They were truly the great Troop 008.

Camp was such a blast.  We went kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, did camp wide flag ceremonies, cooked, learned first aid, earned over 25 merit badges as a Troop and built the first brick in a foundation of future success for our Scouts.

This was a big deal camp for us, we truly turned a corner.  What a camp.  Congratulations on earning Honor Troop, "Great Troop 008"

Thunderbird District Camporee 2018

The annual Thunderbird District Camporee was a journey into Camp Edward for an opportunity to show what we were made of relative to the rest of the Scouts in South Seattle.

We worked on achievement, motivation, unit cohesion and parent support.  They all earned an A on these for this trip.  We didn't win the top award this year, but we're ready for the competition again next year.

Proud to be members of the Thunderbird District, the best on in the Chief Seattle Council.

Spring '18 Court of Honor

Troop 008 Celebrated its Spring court of honor on Sunday, June 9th. It was a momentous occasion for our Troop as many of our scouts earned the citizenship in the community merit badge. This badge is one of the 12 required to earn the rank of Eagle Scout and is one of the cornerstones of the scouting experience especially for our Troop. So much so that earning this badge is mandatory before any Scout may attend summer camp as a member of Troop 008. Several of our Scouts also earned other badges and honors including the Rifle Shooting, Swimming, and Citizenship in the Nation merit badges.

Here we also awarded new leadership ranks as follows:

  • Lincoln Wilmore (Senior Patrol Leader)
  • Elijah Rideout (Assistant Senior Patrol Leader)
  • Jordan Hurd (Patrol Leader Panther Patrol)
  • Edward Hughes (Patrol Leader Falcon Patrol)

Congratulations to all our Scouts and families on a year well done!

Thunderbird District Camporee 2017- Camp Edward

Thunderbird District Camporee 2017- Camp Edward

Longest Troop campout yet.  Thunderbird District Spring Camporee 2017... it was cold, the competition was stiff and yet we still did our best and came home better for it. Everyone brought their A game.  Competitions that tested our skills and wit included, first aid, the marshmallow kick, pioneering challenge, archery, iron chef, and a spirited game of capture the flag. 

Next year we will finish higher in the standings but the Scoutmasters couldn't be more proud! Every campout we are looking more and more sharp and the boys continue to lead and amaze!

2017 Chief Seattle Council Seahawks Luncheon with WR Tyler Lockett

2017 Chief Seattle Council Seahawks Luncheon with WR Tyler Lockett

Another amazing adventure- this time we were able to share lunch with one of our favorite Seahawks players!

A special thank you to the great staff at the Chief Seattle Council for extending an invitation to the Troop to join for the Council's annual Seahawks Luncheon.  This year's featured Seahawks player was wide receiver extraordinaire, Tyler Lockett.  He was able to talk about how the Scout

Local heros and fellow Thunderbird District alumni Former U.S. Commerce Secretary & Washington State Governor Gary Locke and Distinguished Eagle Scout Scott Oki were there to make the event even more special and provide additional inspiration.

The boys were there to greet guests as they walked in and had to battle through a long lunch but it was worth it in the end to get an opportunity to meet Tyler, get his autograph and ask few questions as well (a few us got to ask more than others!).

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