We are headed to Olympia to meet with our legislators and tell them about what issues are most important to our neighborhood. We will also be getting a guided tour of the Capitol and Campus. This is conjunction with the African-American Legislative Days at the Capitol, although we have arranged our own meetings with legislators. Scouts should have school off that day because it’s Presidents Day.

This will satisfy requirements for Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the Community and will be an amazing opportunity to speak face to face with legislators! 

DRESS: Either Class A Uniform or button up shirt. 

We'll be meeting at RBCC at 7:00a and leaving no later than 7:15a to head to Olympia. We'll be taking the Troop Van. 


8:30a-8:45- African American Leg Day Welcome

9:00a-9:15a- Sen. Joe Nguyen

9:45a-10:00a- Sen. Rebecca Saldana

10:15a-10:30- Rep. Sharon Tomiko-Santos

11:30a-11:45a- Sen. Bob Hasegawa

12:00-1:00p- Lunch

1:00-2:30p- Guided Tour of the Capitol

2:30-4:00p- Return Home